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shadow staied

shadow staied
my trees went back home
and love sun set down on the sky horizon
sleeping run away
but shadow staied
the sea looked in silence and lonelines
there is no lover herethere is no pray or question in my heart
shadow staied
all the women disappeared andsank in the sands
time stopped
wakeful in my dreams hole
to search for one question answer
where is my lover?
whome my heart long to....
shadow staied
and spare round around me make me dead
sounds diedbecame just amemory
and i left my heart, iwent away
but shadow staied
once ago i loved, but now i believe that
love is not the only thing in warld
when you see that baby smileing your heart got kind, and u did
when u find who dress your wounds
then eill see that you r wanted
just ask any one about if u good
he will tell u that u r the best
        but shadow staied
this is me

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